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The Restraints

What bands we've listened to and love.

Blink 182-
The punk trio has been a band that everyone in The Restraints has always listened to. Their punk stylings yet immature attitude is one that we try for.

The White Stripes- My (Brendan) personal favorite, this powerful duo has been coming up since 1999. Their loud thumping, raw sound is another thing we strive for.

Green Day-
A punk band above other punk bands, this is one of the most versatile bands of the genre. From doing fast heavy songs with immature lyrics to performing the ballad that looks like it will be played at every high school prom with Time of Your Life, this band is one of the bands that influenced us the most.

A grungy yet idiotic (but in the good sense of the word) oldschool punk band thats been pretty under the radar for their career.

T H E * R E S T R A I N T S