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The Restraints
Brendan Roberts

A.K.A. Jack White Jr.

Role in Band- Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Guitars- (Right Now) Washburn X200 / Harmony Acoustic (soon to have) Epiphone 1963 Firebird
Bass- Silvertone Stock Standard 
Amps- Crate / Randall / Silvertone

   Favorite Bands
The White Stripes
The Beatles
Led Zepellin
Pink Flloyd
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blink 182
Green Day

   Favorite CD's
The White Stripes- The White Stripes
The Beatles- One
The John Lennon Collection
Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest hits
Blink 182- Blink 182
Green Day- Dookie
Weezer- Blue & Green Albums
Beck- *most of them*
Dave Matthews Band- Live at Folsam Field

IM Me at CandyCaneKidIII